About the Artist

Wendy embraces adventure and has worked and lived around the world: New York, London, SW France and Kenya. Every location has inspired her work and continues to shape her creative process. As she  develops a relationship with each place: the history, the people, the culture and absorbs the visual stimulus, the bodies of work she creates reflect a personal response to these experiences.

Her art career follows working in fashion and graphics in New York and London, so her work is influenced by colour, texture and line.  She is a mixed-media artist of landscapes and figures, favouring oils, papers and mark-making using a wide variety of drawing tools. Her work is multi-layered, each layer incorporating individual meaning and expression.

“I am absorbed in the transiency of life. Whether painting figures or landscapes, it is the ethereal quality of change that directs my painting:  figures moving through time and space leaving their impression upon the world; or the transformation of season, weather, growth and decay.

Mixed-media enables me to create layers within which I can place image, texture or line to create aspects of fleeting life. Using a variety of tools I will scrape back or scratch into the layers to reveal glimpses of what lies beneath. I often incorporate soils and sand from the places where I work which add an element of being rooted at that one moment. As I build and combine materials, there is a dynamic between me as the artist and the emerging work, which reinforces my place within the ever-changing world.”